Medicinal Herb Classes

Susan Clearwater, R.N.
Holistic Nurse Practitioner

Green Turtle Botanical Sanctuary
Nashville, Indiana

Three one-day herb classes are offered at the Botanical Sanctuary during 2015. Each class will be different. You are invited to attend one class, or the entire series, for a more complete experience and opportunity to observe the changing stages of plant growth in the gardens.

The Little Garden at Green Botanical SanctuaryClass dates are:
Saturday, May 9  THIS CLASS IS FULL
Saturday, June 20 THIS CLASS IS FULL
Saturday, July 25

Time for all three classes: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Cost for each class day: $40

Since the emergence of humanity people have relied upon the grace and power of the plant kingdom for healing. The use of herbs is a holistic and cost-effective approach to responsible health care, and can easily be incorporated into our modern lifestyle.

Join Susan in the gardens of Green Turtle Botanical Sanctuary for a dynamic exploration into the wondrous world of medicinal plants! The newly built teaching room and the gardens are the classrooms where participants can have “hands-on” experience to see, smell, taste, and touch a wide variety of medicinal herbs.

The objective of all classes is to enable participants in developing confidence to use herbs as part of their daily health care, and to grow herbs in their own gardens at home if possible.

Each class will include:

  • Walks through woodlands and field gardens to identify medicinal plants and learn about their healing qualities and growing requirements
  • Information on cultivating and harvesting medicinal herbs in environmentally sustainable ways
  • Holistic perspective of health and disease, and general guidelines for using herbs in healing
  • The experience of making your own medicinal tincture to take home. If you want to do this bring a pint-size glass jar and small bottle of grain alcohol (190 proof) such as Clear Spring or Everclear (available in liquor stores)
  • The opportunity to purchase Susan’s Green Turtle Botanical salve and tinctures, and organically grown herb plants to take home and plant in your garden

Class One on May 9 will specifically focus on:

  • Medicinal roots that will be dug up from the gardens to prepare into tinctures
  • Woodland plants used by Native American Indians and early colonists
  • Discussion and historical perspective of medicinal herbalism in early European medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and India’s Ayurvedic system

Class Two on June 20 will highlight discussions on using medicinal herbs for daily health care and specific health “challenges” according to the holistic model Susan has employed in her nursing practice for over 20 years. Herbs beneficial to the digestive, respiratory, nervous, and reproductive systems will be reviewed. This will be a great opportunity to ask questions and get answers and new perspectives for developing greater health and vitality.

Class Three on July 25 will focus on:

  • Making an herbal salve. Participants will be able to collect several different herbs and learn how to make salve at home
  • Looking at the safety of using herbs for medicine
  • A Question & Answer period to address any aspect of herbalism, including questions about dealing with specific health problems

What to bring to class: bag lunch, water, pen and paper, sharp kitchen or pocket knife, hand clippers, and 3-4 plastic bags for herb collecting. Cameras are welcome. Bring a hat, gloves, and sun block if necessary. Back packs are a convenient way to tote around your stuff.

To make tinctures bring 1 or 2 pint-size glass jars and a small bottle of grain alcohol (190 proof) such as Clear Spring or Everclear (available in liquor stores).


Join Susan for a fun day with the wonderful healing herbs. Working with the plants and getting to know them can be a transforming experience that brings us into deeper connection with ourselves and Mother Earth in a profound and fulfilling way!

Space is limited to 20 people per class, so make your reservation soon.