A guide to medicinal herbalism

The Art of Herbal Healing is a dynamic “hands-on” exploration into the amazing world of herbalism.

From gardening, harvesting, and creating herbal teas and other preparations to learning which herbs are helpful for specific conditions, The Art of Herbal Healing is a comprehensive reference containing a wealth of information.

With over 700 pages and color illustrations, the step-by-step instructions enable safe and responsible use of medicinal herbs to heal and promote vibrant health.

Highlighting the holistic perspective and wisdom in healing the whole person, medicinal herbs are examined through a broad-spectrum lens, beginning with their uses and mythology in ancient cultures to modern scientific research with identification of their chemical components.

Medicinal Herbs

The Art of Herbal Healing offers a comprehensive study of 50 herbs in the Materia Medica, including their medicinal uses, cultivation, preparation of remedies for internal and external healing, dosages, and safety precautions.

This Book Will Teach You How To:

Susan Clearwater Clinical Herbalist

Susan Clearwater RN, BSN

Holistic Nurse & Clinical Herbalist

Susan Clearwater is a holistic nurse and clinical herbalist in private practice since 1993. She has cultivated medicinal herbs for over 40 years and owns Green Turtle Botanical Sanctuary, where she develops and maintains meadow and woodland gardens. The herbs are organically grown, processed into tinctures and salve from freshly harvested plants, and sold under the label “Green Turtle Botanicals.” Currently retired from teaching, Susan has held classes and apprenticeship programs on all major aspects of herbal medicine and cultivation for many years.


Praise for The Art of Herbal Healing

Rosemary Gladstar - Herbalist and author

“Susan Clearwater masterfully weaves her experiences as herbalist and healer with her background as a holistic nurse to create one of the most comprehensive and insightful books available on herbal healing. Everything is covered here, from the history of herbal medicine to extensive individual plant profiles to gardening, plant conservation and sustainable harvesting, to Medicinal Preparation and safety issues. The Art of Herbal Healing is truly a wonderful new guide to the ancient art of herbal healing.”

Steven Foster - Best-selling herbal author, international herbal photographer and medicinal plant consultant

“Since publication of the first edition of Nicholas Culpeper's English Physician in 1652, each generation in the modern era has seen publication of an accessible, comprehensive herbal that stands as a testament to herbalism for that time period for future generations. Susan Clearwater's The Art of Herbal Healing: A Guide to Health and Wholeness is one of those herbal touchstones that defines a generation. The book delivers a deep perspective on the fundamentals of herbal medicine, covering the roots of herbal healing traditions, along with clear, concise foundations for understanding where herbs come from. Detailed information infused with experience guides the reader through the broad-ranging practical guidance on herb preservation and preparations, along with details on herbal combinations. An essential explanation and pathway to understanding chemical constituents of herbs and their relevance to herbal healing is a welcome primer to what can be an intimidating subject. An excellent narrative on defining commonly used terms on the qualities of herbs provides more detail to help decipher how herbs work and heal. Next, the heart of the book, a materia medica of fifty common herbs, which includes the full range of topics outlined above for each of the herbs. Susan embraces tradition with heart and delivers science with compassion. A single word comes to mind as I peruse and mingle my thoughts with the information and ideas within these pages, and that word is comfort. The book invites you to become confident with understanding and experiencing herbs to integrate your own health into nature herself. It is a practical guide for herbalism today. It doesn't shy away from philosophical and spiritual underpinnings that might make some scientists squirm in their lab coats, yet at the same time, Susan blends traditional wisdom with scientific understanding in a comprehensive and practical style. It provides a thorough deep-dive into each herb, leading one to explore further. An important feature of the book is that it is fully referenced throughout. This is a book I wish I had at the beginning of my herbal interests over four decades ago.”

Paul Strauss - Equinox Botanicals, sanctuary steward, author of The Big Herbs

“I know that Susan with her life’s experience as a mother, teacher, holistic nurse, and herbalist is a person to be honored for this chosen path and vast accumulated knowledge. Susan certainly welds the power of the green spark. It took 25 years to write The Art of Herbal Healing, but that’s what it takes to give the world such an amazingly complete herbal. The Art of Herbal Healing is an engaging and well-thought out great green treasure-trove, much more than just a materia medica. It is a vast herbal text that can be used by herb schools and all plant people and their families. This book gives all a path to further our direct relationship with plants, important since there would be no humans or animals without them. Even with so much information available here, it is presented in an easy to understand and interesting format with great illustrations. I consider this book an herbal bible that will stand the test of time.”

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