Susan Clearwater, RN, BSN

Holistic Nurse
Clinical Herbalist

Healing mind and body for vibrant health and inner peace

Susan Clearwater - EchinaceaSusan Clearwater is a holistic nurse and clinical herbalist in private practice since 1993. Holistic nursing addresses the underlying causes of physical and psychological dis-eases, and recognizes the healing or destructive influences that thoughts and emotions have on the physical body. Susan’s intention is to empower people with knowledge and practices necessary to take charge and optimize their health, vitality, and inner calm.

The office is located at Green Turtle Botanical Sanctuary, outside Nashville, Indiana, where clients of all ages with a variety of health issues meet with Susan, and also enjoy the beauty of nature and the medicinal herb gardens.

Susan has recently retired from more than 25 years of teaching classes and apprenticeship programs in medicinal herbalism and holistic health care at the Botanical Sanctuary. She currently teaches as a paid guest speaker, and to those who wish to work side-by-side with her in the peace and beauty of her sanctuary gardens.

Office and Garden Visits By Appointment Only