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When I purchased this book, my intention was to read it in parts and pace myself, but I loved it so much I read every chance I could. The amount of practical information this book contains is mindblowing. I also found it to be an emotional read, which I was not expecting. Susan addresses the communion that happens between plants and the tenders of those plants, the spiritual nature of having such a relationship. This book has brought me to tears many times because of its conceptual beauty.In addition to all of the above, this book provides not only information for the beginner but also can act as a resource for the seasoned herbalist ....AND as a guide to how to walk gently, naturally and balanced in this world.I bought a copy for a friend of mine who is a pretty seasoned gardener/herbalist in the making. She said that she opened the cover and started to cry because it felt like coming home to her.To be blunt, I freaking adore this book. I hope that you will too 🙂Absolutely 5 stars!!!!!!
Fire Dragon
This book really helped me with my health and how to use herbs when I am sick. I highly recommend it! It provides everything you need to know about medicinal herbalism. With step by step instructions, it is easy to use. The author has over 30 years of nursing experience and is an expert on medicinal herbs. She grows her own herbs and creates her own salves and tinctures and provides user friendly instructions how to make them yourself. Save money and make your own herbal preparations.
M.K. Steele
I love this book!! This book is a true reference book. I bought this book to learn more about herbs for my own and my family's healing. I wanted to learn about growing them and making salves and tinctures from them. This book satisfied my needs and more. Susan has create an easy to use book that allows the plants to come alive with pictures, uses and background information that allows you to make good decisions in herb use. This is a book I can grow with as I become a skilled herbalist. I have many books, but this is my Herbal Bible!
Jennifer Wright
Out of a lifetime of practice in the field of herbal healing, Susan Clearwater has written a comprehensive handbook that stands apart. Whether you are a novice looking for a reference on individual herbs and their medicinal properties, or you're a health & wellness professional researching best practices for cultivation and preparation, The Art of Herbal Healing: A Guide to Health and Healing serves a diverse audience. This is a chance to access years of knowledge and experience distilled into one vital handbook. It's definitely a book to own!
Peter j madden
I LOVE this amazing book! Every perspective pertaining to herbs is found with these pages. Susan Clearwater gives a complete run-down of herbal care, including how to plant, grow and harvest herbs, along with how to make medicines & salves. Each plant is discussed for healing properties, and the spirits of the plants are considered in the teachings. Part-guide, part-textbook, with lovely pictures and drawings, this is a rich, easy-to-understand treasure trove of how to look to herbs for health and healing.
Jose M.
This book is a very informative and easy to read book on how to grow and use herbs to promote health and well being. It is a must have manual for anyone interested in learning more about wholistic health and how to take control of one's own health in a natural way.
Barbara bonchek
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