Holistic Nursing Practice

As a Holistic Nurse, Susan combines her Western nursing education with holistic and Traditional Chinese Medical perspectives to provide a comprehensive approach and blend of healing therapies. She sees people of all ages and provides a holistic assessment and individualized care plans for a wide variety of health problems, plus disease prevention. Health care is tailored specifically to meet the needs of each client. The office is located at her botanical sanctuary, where clients may enjoy the beauty of the herbal gardens.

Susan specializes in the endocrine and nervous systems, digestion, respiratory issues, women’s health, mood disorders including anxiety, depression and bipolar syndrome, chronic degenerative illness, the common cold, flu, infections, yeast, parasites, and much more.

Her purpose is to assist and empower you to be involved in your own healing process. While providing a caring and listening environment, underlying health problems and their causes and solutions are explored.

To implement balance and healing Susan offers an assortment of therapies:

Nutritional & Herbal Consultations

Learn how to use food as medicine to improve health. Enjoy herbs that can safely and effectively help you. Top quality vitamins, minerals and supplements are available, including Susan’s “Green Turtle Botanicals” organically grown herbal tinctures and healing salve.

Counseling to Promote Awareness and Healthy Choices

Often physical problems arise from emotional and mental discord. Receive help to identify and heal the causes of emotional and physical problems. Learn self-help techniques to calm the mind and heal the body. Explore ways to restore health through lifestyle improvements

Comprehensive Testing and Evaluation of Neurotransmitters and Hormones

Scientific assessment of hormones and neurotransmitters combined with state-of-the-art supplements provide impressive and exciting benefits for the treatment of insomnia, anxiety/panic, depression, bipolar, attention deficit, compulsive/addictive issues, headaches, fatigue, PMS, menopause, and hormonal imbalances.

Therapeutic Touch

This is an extremely relaxing type of bodywork focused on the electromagnetic system of the body. It was developed by a registered nurse, and is helpful to people of all ages to restore and maintain optimal health.

Therapeutic Touch is a gentle, non-invasive manipulative technique and helps to:

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