Green Turtle Botanical Sanctuary

The beautiful and peaceful 5-acre Green Turtle Botanical Sanctuary and nursing office of Susan Clearwater are located amidst the rolling hills and woodlands of southern Indiana, a few miles from Nashville. With the help of friends, Susan has created several sunny field gardens of medicinal herbs, and also woodland gardens for shade-loving plants.

The purpose of the sanctuary is to:

    • contribute to the survival and preservation of medicinal herbs by cultivating gardens and promoting wild-growth stands
    • provide quality medicinal herbal products made with respect for the plants while ensuring continuation of the species

All plants at Green Turtle Botanical Sanctuary, including the vegetable gardens, are organically grown and tended with great care. Successful gardening is always a co-operative venture with Mother Nature and the elements. Working with plants and Nature offers an expanded perspective of life, inviting us to live in greater harmony with our environment, and to flow with the seasonal cycles. Cultivating plants in our gardens helps us cultivate beauty, balance, joy and abundance in our personal lives in a profound and fulfilling way!

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