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Susan Clearwater RN, BSN

Holistic Nurse & Clinical Herbalist

Susan Clearwater is a holistic nurse and clinical herbalist in private practice since 1993.

She graduated from Indiana University School of Nursing with high distinction, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing in 1988.

Susan then worked at Bloomington Hospital as a Medical/Surgical charge nurse for four years.

Motivated by life-long interests in holistic perspectives and healing, she has received training in many areas of health care. These include management of a health food store and training in nutrition, iridology, applied kineseology, natural childbirth, CranioSacral Therapy, AMMA Therapy, Therapeutic Touch, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

She is an experienced herbalist and uses medicinal herbs for her family’s health and in her client practice.

Susan Clearwater - The Art of Herbal Healing
Susan Clearwater is a holistic nurse and clinical herbalist in private practice since 1993.

Susan has been an enthusiastic gardener and medicinal herbalist for over 40 years. In addition to her nursing practice, she owns and manages Green Turtle Botanical Sanctuary, where she develops and maintains meadow and woodland gardens of medicinal herbs. The herbs are organically grown, processed into tinctures and salve from freshly harvested plants, and sold under the label “Green Turtle Botanicals” to clients and local health food stores.

Susan is also the author of The Art of Herbal Healing: A Guide to Health and Wholeness, a practical, comprehensive reference of herbal medicine and holistic healing. This 700-page book contains a wealth of information, step-by-step instructions, and colored illustrations enabling cultivation and safe, responsible use of herbal medicines to heal and promote vibrant health. The book was written over a period of 25 years synthesizing her herbal and nursing experience.

Holistic nursing addresses the underlying causes of physical and psychological diseases, and recognizes the healing or destructive influences that thoughts and emotions have on the physical body. Susan’s intention is to empower people with knowledge and practices necessary to take charge and optimize their health, vitality, and inner calm. She currently enjoys her independent nursing practice at her botanical sanctuary in Nashville, Indiana where she sees people of all ages for a wide variety of health issues.

After many years of offering classes and apprenticeship programs, Susan has recently retired from the strenuous teaching load. However, she is available as a paid guest speaker by invitation.

The classes she offers include:

*The Art of Herbal Healing

*Women’s Health

*Herbs for Pregnancy

*Herbs for Children

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