The Art of Herbal Healing

The Art of Herbal Healing is a comprehensive reference containing a wealth of information. The step-by-step instructions enable safe and responsible use of medicinal herbs to heal and promote vibrant health. Susan Clearwater presents a dynamic “hands-on” exploration into the amazing world of herbalism, empowering interaction with medicinal plants at whatever level you choose — from gardening, harvesting, and creating herbal teas and other preparations to learning which herbs are helpful for specific conditions.

700 Pages ~ Color illustrations

Highlighting the holistic perspective and wisdom in healing the whole person, medicinal herbs are examined through a broad-spectrum lens, beginning with their uses and mythology in ancient cultures to modern scientific research with identification of their chemical components. A comprehensive study of 50 herbs in the Materia Medica includes their medicinal uses, cultivation, preparation of remedies for internal and external healing, dosages, and safety precautions.

Learn how to:

  • Grow and harvest medicinal herbs
  • Dry and store roots, leaves, and flowers
  • Make a variety of herbal preparations including teas, salves, tinctures, poultices, pills, eyewash, nasal sprays, and more
  • Safely and effectively use herbs to maintain optimal health and respond to illness
  • Create your own botanical sanctuary
Susan Clearwater Clinical Herbalist

Susan Clearwater RN, BSN

Holistic Nurse & Clinical Herbalist

Susan Clearwater is a holistic nurse and clinical herbalist in private practice since 1993. She has cultivated medicinal herbs for over 40 years and owns Green Turtle Botanical Sanctuary, where she develops and maintains meadow and woodland gardens. The herbs are organically grown, processed into tinctures and salve from freshly harvested plants, and sold under the label “Green Turtle Botanicals.” Currently retired from teaching, Susan has held classes and apprenticeship programs on all major aspects of herbal medicine and cultivation for many years.


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